Gallery Exhibits     



2013       Solo Exhibit of 24 works at the Governor's Land Gallery, Williamsburg, VA

2015      Solo Exhibit of 24 works at the Williamsburg Contemporary Arts Center, Williamsburg, VA


2018       "Clearing Storm" Grand Canyon - Accepted into Regional Art Show-Williamsburg Contemporary Arts Center

2019       "Dartmoor Wood" accepted to exhibit at Photo Place Gallery, Middlebury, Vermont

2019       "Dartmoor Wood" & "Blue Fury" accepted into Regional Art Show-Williamsburg Contemporary Arts Cener

2019       Solo Exhibit of 34 photographs at The Williamsburg Landing



About the Artist


Ann has been involved with art in one form or another since she was a child growing up in New Jersey. However, it wasn’t until after retiring from a career in commercial real estate at the age of 40 that she began seriously pursuing her art career. At that time, Ann enrolled in the Glassell School of Art at the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston where she lived.  With the advancement of digital cameras, Ann’s focus shifted from oil painting and pastels to photography. In addition to several processing and printing classes, Ann has participated in the following photography workshops and expeditions:


Grand Canyon, Arizona - 226 mile rafting/camping trip down the Colorado River

San Miguel de Allende, Mexico     (David Alan Harvey-Magnum Photography)                                                                        

Huangshan, China      (George DeWolfe)                                                                                           

Torres del Paine, Patagonia, Chile     (Jack Dykinga)                                                                   

Olympic NP-Washington (Bruce Barnbaum & Jack Dykinga)                                                                                      

Eastern Sierras, California  (George DeWolfe, Bruce Barnbaum)                                                                                   

Four Corners area, Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico

Bandon Beach, Oregon (Jack Dykinga)

Glacier NP, Montana

Death Valley NP, California Olympic NP (George DeWolfe, Guy Tal)

Valley of Fire SP, Nevada (George DeWolfe)

Zion NP, Utah (George DeWolfe)

Scotland , UK      (Numerous trips - Ian Cameron, Allister Benn, Simon Baxter)                               


Ann spent several years mentoring with George DeWolfe, a student of Ansel Adams and Minor White. This mentorship focused on developing Ann’s personal artistic vision. 


Ann teaches a class entitled “The Art of Photography” which focuses on how to take one’s photography

from merely documenting what one sees to creating art. She had also given a lecture entitled "The Art of Photography and the Digital Darkroom".


Ann lives in Governor’s Land, Williamsburg, Virginia with her husband, John. She loves to be outdoors,

hiking and climbing in the wilderness with an open mind, waiting for serendipity to strike and a picture

to appear. Ann and John enjoy traveling the United States in their camper van in search of Ann’s next

work of art.


Ann shoots with a Nikon D810 DSLR and a wide range of lenses.

Great view from the roof  of the van     in West Virginia    (2015)                               

Braving the cold and wind with in multiple layers - Dante's Point,

 Death Valley NP  (2014)